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Yacht Import and Export

Farallone Yacht Sales can help you with a wide range of international services, from shipping or delivery, to documentation, yacht financing, equipment needs, insurance and crew.

We’ve have assisted clients in successfully importing yachts from America to Australia, Spain, Italy, England, Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas, and more. We have often personally traveled to the destination along with our customers, to either check out a vessel or facilitate a delivery.

The most important part of the buying process is the inspection and sea trial. If you are unable to attend the test sail, we work with a licensed captain to document the boat’s performance. If you need suggestions for surveyors, Farallone Yacht Sales can provide you with a list of qualified, independent, NAMS-certified yacht surveyors, and also oversee the entire process.International Shipping
When it comes to shipping, we have the resources to help you determine which is the best, safest option for your boat, and Farallone will assist you with quotes on shipping, insurance, timing, local delivery and preparation, including battery preservation, locking exterior doors, and throwing away disposables.